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We bring consistency on the most important day of your life. During the trail, we will record every product used. We believe in mixing products to create the perfect shades of color to fit your desired look. Every bride is different and we want to make your style unique.  You can relax in knowing we’ll be able to successfully recreate your look on your wedding day. Sara has assembled a team of carefully selected makeup artists and hair stylists with whom she works with and equally admires.


How far in advance should I secure my date?

We recommend securing your date as early as possible. The timing for the trial is dependent on whats ideal for the bride. We recommend anywhere from 1 – 6 months prior to the wedding day. We’ve worked with out of town brides who don’t have time for a trial. Theres also brides who feel confident enough to not have a trial. In this situation we increase the level of communication whether its over the phone or via email. We love inspirational photos and photos of the bride to be. With enough notice and communication anythings possible.

What should I expect on my wedding day?

Once the arrival time and preparation location is set expect us to be on time. We will make sure to allow the necessary time for all services prior to your wedding to make sure you stay on schedule. A detailed time table of services performed on the wedding day will be sent to the bride in advance. We believe in providing a relaxing and fun environment and brides can rest easy knowing we are prepared and on schedule.

How should I prepare for my preview?

We recommend providing photos of different makeup and hair looks you like during the trial period. We’ll ask you what you like about the different photos you’ve shown us and why. This helps us get a better understanding of what you’re looking for. The more examples of your desired look the better. We will provide our creative input and recommendations to create the best look for you. Communication throughout the trial is very important. We want you to leave the trial 100% ecstatic about your look.

How long is the preview session?

This isn’t a time to be rushed so we suggest setting aside 3-4 hours for both makeup and hair.

Can a family member or bridesmaid have a trial?

Yes of course! We understand the importance of feeling confident and comfortable when being a part of a bridal party.

How do I book my services?

We require a 50% deposit on all services. A basic contract is to be filled out and returned. The bride will receive an emailed copy for her records.

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Take a look at our portfolio and testimonials from previous brides. Are we a good fit for you? We’re happy to answer any questions you may have. Keep in mind: if you don’t see something offered in our standard services list, we can cater to what you envision.


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Contact us to explain your vision and explore all of the possibilities. Tell us about your location, decor, ambience, etc. We love hearing about the details, details, details!


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Set up a trial date where we nail down your perfect bridal look. If you’re already prepared to sign a contract, simply contact us to proceed in securing your date.


Enjoy A Seamless Event

There is nothing more important the feeling relaxed and confident on your special day. Our team of professionals arrives on time and well prepared. We take care of your beauty needs so you can focus on fully enjoying your wedding!

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